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in Beloit


HJ & Kristi Ackerman

HJ came to work with his dad in 1984. Kristi quit teaching and joined the business in 2010. HJ loves to do all his own ordering, finding the best prices for his customers, while Kristi keeps the books straight. They enjoy working together and visiting with all the new and returning customers.


Bennett Bell

When Bennett joined our team in 2002, he brought a lot of farm and mechanical knowledge with him. He was raised on a farm and continues to farm in his off-time. He knows our rental equipment inside and out, and can repair almost anything! He has been a wonderful asset to our store.


Steve Donker

Steve has been working two days a week since 2014. He retired from the Feed Lot and just needed a little something to do. He is our organizer! He keeps the stock rooms clean and tidy, and stays busy all the time. We can call on him anytime to fill in where needed!

Tristen Long.JPG

Tristen Long

Tristen came back to apprentice at the Beloit Store in 2017. As is HJ & Kristi's nephew, he grew up working in our Osborne store along with his dad and brother. Tristen is a hard worker, and he strives to do his best with every customer. He is motivated to learn the office part of this business to keep it running into the third generation.


Cameron Gormly

Cameron started with us in 2017. He is our muscle man! He stocks more feed than anyone and hauls out all the heavy things for customers. Cameron is one of our servicemen on the rental equipment, and continues to learn the in's and out's of the backroom. He is always willing to do whatever we ask!


Troy Hawk

Troy joined our team with years of experience in custom carpentry and sales. He joined our team to stay closer to home and to ditch his daily commute to the city, but brings his attention to detail to work every day. Nothing gets past this guy with managing inventory, displays, and back stock in our warehouse.  We're also lucky enough to have him create a custom display pieces for the store!


Wyatt Dickinson

Wyatt is the newest member of the team at our Beloit Store.  He's been brought on to the team to learn the financial side of the business, and has been training closely with Kristi and Shelby to learn everything Accounting!
Wyatt also brings a lot of customer service to the table from working at a True Value store in his hometown growing up and is learning more each day about our different departments here at our store.  We look forward to having Wyatt serve our company alongside Tristen for decades to come!


Shelby Ackerman

Shelby has been working remotely for us since 2019. As HJ & Kristi's daughter, she grew up working along side her family in the Beloit store and all her in-store experience makes the remote work possible! She handles all accounts payable, payroll, social media accounts, and has a extensive background in HR. It's great she can be a part of the family business all the way from Australia! 

in Osborne


Ryan Ayers

Ryan has been working in our Osborne store since February 2018. He is an extremely hard worker and has been promoted to manage our Osborne location. Not to mention, he loads all the heavy stuff, displays end caps, and is great with customers. There is nothing this young man won't do!


Rebekah Ayers

Rebekah started in 2020 and has blended well with our other Osborne employees! As she also works hard and does what she needs to get the job done. We are excited to see her grow and become an integral part of the team.


Michelle Waugh

Michelle has been working at our Osborne Store since 1999 and is a tremendous employee. She goes over and beyond what is necessary to make sure customers are well taken care of. Michelle knows a lot about hardware and she can mix & match paint like a pro!


Clark Wolters

Clark Wolters does a ton of work in his part time schedule with us! He does a great job in all departments and likes keeping busy. The spring is especially busy with gardening and lawncare, and Clark is there to help in the greenhouse and assist customers.

Jude, Gregory.jpg

Jude Reynolds

Jude has been working at our Osborne store since 2004. Jude probably knows everyone in Osborne! She is the smiling face you will meet when you come in the door. She is friendly, kind, and knows where to find exactly want you need.

"Georgy" is the store cat at Osborne. He loves to hide out around the store and is loved by everyone!


Dylan Noller

Dylan joined our team to be Ryan’s right hand man in Osborne.  He carries a great amount of mechanic knowledge having attended NCK Tech in Beloit and brings a fresh perspective to our rental repair and service department.
He carries out, helps customers, and always helps create a positive workplace!

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