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When To Plant


There’s no set date, but you will want to wait for the soil to warm up. Your little potatoes could rot if the soil is too cold and wet. If you are potting them or have a mobile raised bed, you can start earlier. The Spring temperatures you are looking for are consistent temps around 60°F during the day.


Where To Plant


Potatoes prefer a sandy, well-drained soil. If that’s not your garden, a large pot, raised bed, or potato bag might be another option for you.



How To Plant


As a general rule, plant a potato seed every 12”.  Also, mounding the soil is highly recommended to increase your yield. Not only does it keep the temperature of the soil up, but it keeps the potatoes well covered as you never want your potatoes poking above ground.




When To Harvest


For mature potatoes you can store in the Winter, then you’ll need to let the plants die back completely before harvesting. This is when the potato will develop a thicker skin as a defensive and preservation method to retain moisture.

For baby potatoes to eat right away in Summer, you’ll want to harvest just after the potatoes have flowered.  They will be delicate and without a thick skin so will need to be eaten fairly quickly.

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